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JON Ackland

Principal Consultant & Founder
B.Sc Dip.Ex Sci.

When it comes to training athletes Jon is the definition of the word guru. He is a high performance strategist, specialising particularly in program prescription and planning with over 20 years’ experience in helping top athletes achieve the impossible.

A former rowing national champion and Ironman triathlete he represented New Zealand at two World Ironman Championships. He’s also the author of nine books on sports performance including the best selling "Power to Perform" in Australia and New Zealand and best selling “The Complete Guide to Endurance Training” in Europe. Jon’s most recent book “Beginner’s Half Marathon Trainer” has just been released in the USA.

He presents seminars on sporting high performance worldwide, and he currently co hosts "The High Performance Hour" on Radio Sport where he interviews athletes and determines the strategies high performers use to achieve their goals. 

Jon has worked with the All Blacks, the Auckland Rugby team, America's Cup campaigns, Whitbread Round the World Yacht Racing, New Zealand Cricket, Olympic Yachting and a large number of endurance sports.

Since 1993 Jon has run PERFORMANCELAB which specialises in helping endurance sports people achieve high performance. Jon has been instrumental in the success of many endurance athletes throughout the world and in New Zealand, including winning back the Louis Vuitton Cup at the last Americas Cup in Valencia. 

The winning formulas that have helped create endless world champion performances are used to create programs for beginners as well. An example of the success achieved with Jon’s programs for everyday people for everyday goals is clearly illustrated with a project involving 550 recreational and sedentary people, who signed up to take part in their (mostly) first Half Marathon, with 90% reaching the start line and 100% completion. 

Jon puts his significant high performance experience behind your personal training program to give you the belief you need to discover that ‘Impossible is Nothing’.

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